Download DRP Coupon WordPress Plugin (And How To Install)

DRP Coupon is the first plugin you’d want to use if you are going to create a Coupon Publishing site with WordPress. What DRP Coupon plugin does is that it enables you to publish coupons on your site in a way that the visitors can’t copy the coupon unless they click on it (coupon is visible to the visitors even if they don’t click on it); and when they click on it, the coupon is copied to their clipboard and a link is automatically opened; this link can be anything.. it can be a affiliate link or just a link to another page, you can set the link in DRP Coupon Setting page inside your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Why “DRP Coupon” Is Best

1. DRP Coupon is completely free. It currently does not have any “Pro”, “Plus” or “Premium” version; you don’t have to pay a penny to unlock all features of this plugin.

2. The coupon box that this plugin shows looks very attractive.

DRP Coupon Front

3. It allows you to set the “Start Date” and “Expiry Date” of the coupon. The coupon code will only be displayed from the start date and will stop showing after the Expiry Date.

4. It doesn’t hide the coupon unlike other plugins that hide the coupon until the coupon box is clicked.

5. User must click the coupon box to copy the coupon code and you can set any affiliate link to open when the user clicks the box.

This plugin, unfortunately, was deleted from plugins directory. It took me many hours to find a working version of DRP Coupon. A user had made a mirror of DRP Coupon on GitHub.

Download DRP Coupon

Click Here To Visit The GitHub mirro of DRP Coupon

After visiting the GitHub page, click on “Download ZIP” from the Right Sidebar to download the plugin.

How To Install

1. Extract the ZIP file you downloaded from GitHub.

2. You’ll now see a folder named “wp-drp-coupon-master“. Rename this folder with “drp-coupon” and again compress the folder (drp-coupon) in ZIP format.

3. Upload “drp-coupon” ZIP file to your WordPress site’s plugin directory using the WordPress Plugin Uploader (<yourwpsite>/wp-admin/plugin-install.php?tab=upload).

4. After uploading, click on “Activate Plugin”.

5. Now, you’ll see a link named “DRP Coupon” on the left sidebar of WordPress Admin Panel. Click on that link to manage the plugin and to add coupons.

The plugin comes with a readme file that includes all the details on how to use the plugin. If you face any issues, first read the readme file and if that doesn’t solve your problem, post your problem here using the comment box below.

4 thoughts on “Download DRP Coupon WordPress Plugin (And How To Install)

  1. Ha! Just on time. Previously I’ve found this plugin for other blogger’s article but unfortunately the plugin is no longer working. Good to know this plugin is now hosted in Github (although it’s not by the original plugin’s author). Have you tried this plugin? Just want to know if it’s still working

    • Yeah, I’m using this plugin on one of my coupon sites and it works just fine, without any bugs. Make sure you read the Installation guide included with this post carefully to make the Github version work.

  2. Hello ,
    When trying to install it , I get the following :
    Unpacking the package…

    Installing the plugin…

    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

    Plugin install failed.

    Can you help me ? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, follow the installation instructions carefully and the plugin should work.
      1. Unzip the file you downloaded from GitHub.
      2. Rename the folder “wp-drp-coupon-master” with “drp-coupon” and again compress the folder (drp-coupon) in ZIP format.
      3. Upload the ZIP Archive using the plugin upload in your WP Admin Dashboard or you can directly upload “drp-coupon” folder using FTP client like Filezilla to your website’s plugin directory.

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