Does Alexa Rank Matter? Yes And No!

Most of the webmasters spend too much time thinking about their Alexa Rank. They think that a better Alexa Rank would help them get better rankings in Google. They install Alexa Toolbar, claim their site by placing Alexa HTML code on their website (I did this too) and some of them even pay Alexa to get their site certified. If you’re one of them, sorry, you are just wasting your time. You may now wonder why I included “Yes” in the title of this post; don’t worry, I’ll also let you know why Alexa Rank matters.

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Is Alexa Rank Accurate?

No, Alexa Rank is not at all accurate. Alexa cannot measure the exact traffic to a site; how would they get accurate data of traffic of a site when they don’t have any type of access to it? Alexa can only track those visitors who have installed the Alexa Toolbar (Alexa toolbar is considered “Ad-Ware” and “Tack-ware” by many major Anti-Virus programs) in their browser and this toolbar is only used by Webmasters who still believe in Alexa Rank and those who want to help Alexa by giving them their surfing data. Alexa also claims that they have some other sources to major a site’s traffic too but they don’t disclose the sources. As Alexa can’t measure the exact traffic of a site, it cannot rank a site accurately. As Alexa Toolbar is mostly used by Webmasters, it generally ranks Technology and Webmaster related site higher even if they have less visitors. I would also like to tell that Alexa Rankings are not completely inaccurate; if a site is ranked among top 1000 sites by Alexa, they must be receiving good amount of traffic.

Does Alexa Rank Matter?


No, Alexa Rank doesn’t matter as it does not affect site’s Search Engine rankings. Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines don’t use Alexa ranking to give more weight to a particular site while ranking the sites. As a better Alexa Ranking does not increase site’s ranking, it doesn’t increase site’s traffic too. Remember that Alexa Rank is affected by change in site’s traffic but site’s traffic is not affected by a change in Alexa Rank.


If you are trying to sell your website or domain name or you’ve created a site just for selling it in future, you should definitely care about your Alexa Rank. Most of the buyers, especially those buyers who are new to the world of site creation, are unaware that Alexa Rankings are inaccurate and they use Alexa Rankings of a site to determine the value of that site. If they see better Alexa Ranking of a website, they pay higher for that site. A low Alexa Ranking discourages most of the buyers (some buyer are experienced and they don’t care about Alexa Rank) from buying a website. A better Alexa Rank also encourages Advertisers to buy Ad Space in a website.

You should not waste your time thinking about your Alexa Rankings. These rankings are not going to affect your Google Rankings; Google has many better and more accurate ways to determine how it should rank a site. If you get a Advertiser or Buyer who uses Alexa Rank as factor to determine the value of a site, you should ask them to Google “Does Alexa Rank Matter”. I don’t think they will get a single page in the result that tells that Alexa Rank is accurate and should be used to determine value of a site.

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