Best Bulk Domain Availability Checker Websites

If you regularly buy and sell domain names, you would often have to check thousands of domains to find if they are available to register. In this article, we’ll list the best websites that let you look up hundreds to thousands of COM, NET, IO, and other TLDs at once for their availability, and all the tools listed here are free to use.

Top 5 Websites to Check Domain Availability

1. Namecheap’s Beast Mode

Namecheap Beast Mode
  • Maximum domains at once: 5,000
  • Domain extensions supported: 508 TLDs including .COM, .NET, .AI, .IO, .APP, etc…
You can enter up to 5,000 domain names or keywords in Namecheap’s tool. They give you many options and filters. You can choose if you would also like to see names that are available in the aftermarket, or if you would only like to see domains that are available to register directly. You can also filter the available domains by their asking price (this would come in handy if you check the “Show Premiums” option). This tool also lets you add a suffix or prefix to your list of keywords, so if you have a list like 3-letter words, 4-letter words, etc…, you can just paste the list there, and add your desired keyword(s) to generate all available domain names. The list of available domains can be exported in a CSV file.

2. Namebright’s Bulk Check

Namebright Bulk Search tool
  • Maximum domains at once: 5,000
  • Domain extensions supported: .COM, .NET, .ORG, .CC, .TV
Namebright lets you check the availability of up to 5,000 domain names at once for free. Also, if you need to check for more than 5,000 domain names at once, you can contact them with your reason and they might increase your limit. Namebright’s bulk checker is pretty quick; after you have added the domains, and click on “Search”, it’ll take 2 to 3 minutes for the search to complete. After the whois lookup has been completed, they will show you all the domains that are available to register. You can select all the available domains at once and can add them to the cart for a quick registration. This list of available domains can also be exported as an excel file. If you just input a list of domain names without any extension, Namebright will automatically check for .COM domains.

3. GoDaddy’s Bulk Domain Search

GoDaddy Bulk Domain Search form
  • Maximum domains at once: 2,000
  • Domain extensions supported: All TLDs, ccTLDs, and gTLDs
GoDaddy’s bulk domain availability tool lets you enter up to 2,000 domains of any extension at once. You can either paste the list directly into their form or can also import the list from a CSV file. The whois lookup takes less than a minute. The result is categorized into “All Available”, “New Registration”, “”Auctions”, and “Unavailable”. You can also export the available domains as an XLSX file.

4. Dynadot’s Bulk Domain Search

Dynadot Bulk search
  • Maximum domains at once: 1,000
  • Domain extensions supported: All major TLDs like .COM, .NET, all major ccTLDs like .IN, .IO, etc… and almost all gTLDs
You can look up the availability of up to 1,000 domain names at once at Dynadot. They let you choose from about 588 TLDs. It takes a few minutes to process the list of domains. You can bulk select all available domain names at once to register them at Dynadot. By default, it will show you both available and unavailable domain names. If you would like to only see the available domains, click on “List View” and then on “All Available”. Dynadot also lets you download the result as a CSV file. This CSV file will contain both available and unavailable domains, with their registration prices on Dynadot.

5. Namesilo Bulk Domain Search

Namesilo bulk domain checker
  • Maximum domains at once: 500
  • Domain extensions supported: Almost all TLDs
Namesilo lets you perform availability lookup for up to 500 domain names at once. You can either paste the list or upload the list from a TXT or CSV file. After it has performed the lookup, you can choose to hide registered and premium domains. You can bulk select all the available domains at once if you would like to register the domains at Namesilo. Namesilo doesn’t have an option to export the list, unfortunately. Make sure you have Javascript enabled in your browser when you use the websites above. You can suggest websites that we might have missed in the comment section below.