The Best CPA Networks For Indian Traffic With Lots Of Offers

A few months back, I started a website on dating niche. The website started getting good number of visitors, about 500 Unique visitors everyday. So, I though of monetizing it; I already had a Google AdSense account, so, I put some AdSense ad units on my niche site. I was getting appreciable CTR of 6% , but my CPC was very low, the lowest CPC I got was $0.04 and the highest was $0.09. I could only average $2 per day from that niche site. Then, I thought of trying CPA ads instead of PPC ads as my traffic was super targeted. Sadly, all the major CPA networks (PeerFly and others) that I was signed up with had very less offers for Indian traffic; most of the Indian offers that they had required a Credit Card purchase for their completion.

So, I started searching for some good CPA networks that have good number of CPA and CPL offers for Indian traffic. And, I did find some actual Indian CPA Networks (owned and operated by Indians). I’m going to share those Indian CPA networks here. If your website gets most of its visitors from India (you can use Google Analytics to check which country most of your visitors come from), you should definitely try these CPA networks.

Best CPA Networks For Indian Traffic

1. ClickWinks

ClickWinks Indian CPA Network

ClickWinks is currently the best Indian CPA network. It has been rated 4.68 out of 5 on based on 54 reviews. It currently has 51 Indian CPA Offers (some of the offers are inactive or expired).  The highest paying Indian CPA offer they have is “ India” that pays $3.00 (Rs. 150 approx) per conversion and lowest paying offer is “Free Charge CPD Mobile Only” that pays $0.15 per conversion. ClickWinks covers all major niches like dating, telecom, automobile, shopping, banking and loans. ClickWinks has Cost Per Sale and Cost Per Click offers too. Their minimum payment threshold is $50. They pay via Cheque, Paypal and wire transfer. Their Affiliate panel is nicely designed but is a bit difficult to use. ClickWinks provides you with Email ID and Mobile Number of your Affiliate Manager; you can call him/her anytime you need help.
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2. AdUncle

AdUncle Indian CPA Network

AdUncle is also owned and operated by Indians. This CPA Network has 31 Indian CPA Offers. The highest paying Indian CPA Offer that they have is “ICICI Personal Loan” which pays $3 (Rs. 150 approx) for every conversion and the lowest paying offer is “Save the deal Cinema” that pays $0.04 for every conversion. They have CPA Offers for almost every Niche; they have Dating offers, shopping related offers, movies related offers, beauty and fitness related offers, telecom related offers, automobiles related offers and finance related offers. They have email submit offers too; you can get paid for simple email submits!  AdUncle’s Affiliate Panel is not very attractive, but who cares about the look when it’s very easy to use? AdUncle pays via Cheque, Paypal, Payoneer and Wire Transfer.
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 3. VCommission

VCommission is also a good Indian CPA Network. It’s office is situated in New Delhi. VCommission pays via Cheque and Paypal. Their minimum payment threshold is $100 which is a bit high. I have not yet applied to VCommission; I’ll add more details about them once I apply and get approved. I will also post a VCommission review on WebsiteCouncil as soon I get approved by them.
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Those were the best Indian CPA networks that I’ve used myself (except VCommission). If your site gets highly targeted traffic, you should definitely give these CPA Networks a try. You can put both AdSense ads and ads by CPA Networks at the same time on your website.

Don’t hesitate to use the comment box below if you need any help to get approval on those Indian CPA networks or know about a legit CPA network with good number of Indian CPA offers that I’ve not listed here.