Top 5 Free Mobile Recharge Sites For Indians

Mobile has become an important part of our life, we can live without food but without mobile… no way 😉  A day, for some people, starts with mobile and ends with mobile. If you are one them, you must be fed up with your mobile recharge bills, but wait, I’ve a good news for you. Now, you don’t have to pay a penny to recharge your mobile, because you can get money for doing free and simple tasks, like, completing surveys, playing games, sending free SMSs and reading emails. You can use this money to recharge your mobile for free.

I’m going to share 5 best websites (to me) that provide free Mobile Recharge services to Indians. Most of these websites pay you to refer your friends to their website. You get a referral link, if someone registers on that website with your link, you get a commission and you can use this commission to get free recharge. Some of websites pay you for playing games, they pay you if you win the game or if you successfully complete the game. Some pay you if you use their website to send free SMS to your friends, Way2SMS is an example. You get 1 to 2 paisa for every SMS you send. Some sites even pay you a few rupees when you sign up with them, is an example. Most of these sites have set a minimum recharge amount, you must earn that amount before you can use your money to recharge your mobile.

5 Free Recharge Sites:


    PICKZUP is a famous online recharge site. You are paid Rs. 3 to refer your friends to PICKZUP and you get some credits once you sign up with them and verify your mobile number. You are also paid to surf the sites of their sponsors, literally, you just have to open a site and wait for a few seconds to earn PICKZUP credits. PICKZUP would regularly email you with links to their sponsor’s websites, make sure to check your inbox daily. You can also earn some credits by voting on the polls, buying goods online using PICKZUP and by playing free gamesMinimum recharge amount at PICKZUP is Rs. 20. To recharge your mobile you just have to enter your mobile number, choose service provider and circle, and recharge amount and you are done. PICKZUP accepts all major service providers, like Airtel, Aircel, BSNL and Reliance. You can only recharge for fixed amounts, that are, Rs. 20, Rs. 30, Rs.50 and Rs. 100. and PICKZUP, both are sae sites.
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  2. Amulyam

    Amulyam is one of the oldest and most trusted sites in the free recharge industry of India, it was established on 2009. They have delivered more than 1 Crore Rupees as free recharge to their users. Amulyam pays you for downloading and installing Android apps from their website. You can get anything from Rs 0.10 to Rs 5 for installing their apps. Amulyam also pays you to surf their sponsor’s sites, just like PICKZUP. They mail links to their sponsor’s sites to their user’s inbox regularly. Surfing their sponsor sites can make you as low as 1 paisa and as high as 50 paisa. Amulyam also pays you Rs. 3 for every user you refer to their site. There are some more ways to earn credits at Amulyam, you can get cash back for every purchase through Amulyam, you can earn credits in contests, or by writing articles, you even earn credits for playing games like Trivia. Amulyam too supports all major service providers, including Loop, MTS, and Virgin Mobile. You must have Rs.10 in your account before you can recharge your mobile.
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  3. Way2SMS

    Way2SMS is not a new word for anyone. It has established itself as the leader of the free SMS industry. But here, we are talking about free mobile recharge, so why did I include Way2SMS? Because Way2SMS is now providing free mobile recharge too and they are, I think, soon going to dominate the free recharge industry. Way2SMS pays to open the emails they send to your inbox, they also pay you for registering in their partner’s websites, installing their sponsor’s android apps and filling out surveys. You can also get paid by referring your friends to Way2SMS, you can earn up to Rs. 2 for each of your referred users. Minimum recharge amount at Way2SMS is Rs. 10. Unlike other sites, Way2SMs is trustable.
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  4. Laaptu

    Laaptu is another free mobile recharge site with lots of free entertainment. You can easily get Rs. 2 just for joining Laaptu as a member. For each friend you refer to Laaptu, you get as high as Rs. 2. They also pay you if you check your account at least once a day regularly, you can get 10 paisa daily if you login to your account daily. You can also participate in games like Math Quiz and Fun Quiz and can make upto 78 paise. These quizzes contain 30 questions, you only get money if you answer the questions correctly. They also conduct regular contest, where winner gets credited with some money in their account. Laaptu accepts Rs. 10 as a minimum recharge amount. Almost all Indian mobile service providers are accepted by Laaptu.
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  5. Ultoo

    Ultoo provides both free recharge and free SMS service. It’s very easy to earn with Ultoo, after registration, your Ultoo account is instantly credited with Rs. 2 and Rs. 1 for email verification. Ultoo pays you a small amount of money, that is 2 paisa, when you send a free SMS to your friend using their free SMS platform. You can also participate in polls and win some credits. They also conduct quizzes, if you answer them correctly, you can win good amount of money. Or, you can refer your friends to Ultoo, you get Rs. 2 for every user your refer to them. By answering polls you get 1 paisa, by submitting polls you 10 paisa, and for taking part in the quizzes, you can make anything between 1 paisa to 4 paisa. Rs. 10 is the minimum recharge amount at Ultoo. Ultoo doesn’t force you to recharge your mobile with the money you made, you can even withdraw money to your bank account, but you must make Rs. 10 with them before you can withdraw your earnings.
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Now, that you know about 5 best free recharge sites, you must be wanting to use them, but, before using any of the above sites or any other free recharge site, make sure to check their reviews. Some free recharge sites might scam you. I would also suggest you to stay away from scamming these sites. Please don’t try to trick these sites or they may ban you. There are many websites that share free mobile recharge tricks, but those tricks don’t always work and some of them may even violate the Terms and Conditions of the free recharge sites.

You might have a question, why do these sites give you free recharge? How can they afford this? What do they get by giving free recharge to their users? Don’t worry friend, I’ll tell you how they work.

Why Do These Sites Give Free Recharge?

Websites like PICKZUP get money from their advertisers. Advertisers pay them to get their product surveyed, these sites pay half of the total money from advertisers to their users who complete these surveys. For example, an advertiser paid Rs 10 to PICKZUP, PICKZUP asked their user to full the survey, and after completion of a survey, they paid Rs. 5-8 to the user. This way both user and the website is benefited. Same thing applies to android app downloads. App developers pay these sites to get users. Some of these sites, like Ultoo, also make money using banner ads and Adsense, they use some of the money to pa their contest winners or poll answerers.

Thank you for reading this post and I hope this helped you. If you know any free recharge site that WORKS and I’ve not included it here, please let me know.