Top 5 Sites To Send Free SMS Anywhere In India

Are you frustrated by regularly increasing SMS rates? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here, I’ll share best websites that allow sending free SMS to part of India from any part of India. Some of these website allow you to send international SMS too, some allow more than 160 characters per message, some of these also work without registration and some even pay you for sending free SMS using their platform (that’s awesome, isn’t that?). I’m sure these sites would decrease your monthly mobile bill, of course, if you’re an SMS geek like me.

Top 5 Free Indian SMS Sites:

1. Way2SMS

Way2SMSWay2SMS is the most popular and most trusted free SMS site in India. As of  June 2014, Way2SMS has more than 36 Million users. It has various feature that include: scheduling your SMS for future delivery and sending an SMS to more than one contact at the same time. To send an SMS through Way2SMS, you must sign up with them. Registration is an easy and free process, you just have to provide your name, Date of Birth, Email, Phone Number and some other required details and you’re in. With Way2SMS there are some limitations too, you can not use more than 140 Characters in your SMS, Way2SMS automatically adds a “Sent via WAY2SMS.COM” ad in every SMS sent via their free platform and you can only send 200 SMSes per day as a free user.

2. 160By2

160by2160By2 is another free SMS portal, and is similar to Way2SMS. It allows its users to schedule SMSes for future delivery and you can also see your sent SMSes later. You must register before you can send free SMSes via 160by2. They do not allow more than 140 characters in an SMS and they also include their text adverts in the SMSes sent via their free SMS platform. You can also save your contacts in of As far as I know, users can only send 50 SMSes a day for free.


SocialLand.netSocialLand is a good free SMS site. With SocialLand, you can send messages to almost any part of the world. They do not require their users to register before they can send an SMS. They do not allow more than 155 characters in the text messages, this is much better than the two SMS sending sites above. To prevent abuse of their services by spammers, they require you to fill a captcha before you can send an SMS. There is, however, one limitation when you use SocialLand, your SMS will not be sent directly to your inbox when you click “Send Message”, it will be sent to their queue of messages and it might take a few hours for your SMS to be sent to the receiver’s inbox.

4. FullOnSMS

FullOnSMSFullOnSMS is another good free SMS site. You must register before you can send a SMS through their site. They also provide free wallpapers that you can download to your mobile. You can send as many messages as you want a day using FullOnSMS. You can also use FullOnSMS mobile application to send free SMS. It allows SMSes up to 160 Characters long and does not include any advertisements in the messages.

5. Site2SMS

Site2SMSI’ve never used Site2SMS myself, but have heard some good reviews about it, so I’m adding it here. Best thing about Site2SMS is that it allows more than 160 characters in the messages, you can 260 characters in your SMS. Site2SMS does not include any advertisement in the text messages sent through them. It also allows Voice messaging. You can send any as many SMSes as you want for free!

That’s all for now. I’ll add some more site later. If you have any suggestions, please let me know through the comment box below.