Best WhatsApp Tricks And Tips That Every WhatsApp User Should Know

Today I’m going to share top WhatsApp tricks and tips but before moving to those WhatsApp tricks, lets know some interesting facts about WhatsApp. WhatsApp was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum on 2009. WhatsApp is currently the most used messenger in India having more than 50 million monthly active users. WhatsApp is available for all major mobile operating systems like Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, Symbian, and Blackberry. You can install it on your mobile and can send unlimited messages to your friends who are using WhatsApp. WhatsApp doesn’t show ads on their messaging app, but it charges Rs. 59.42 or $0.99 every year after first year that is free (I’ve shared a WhatsApp trick to extend this limit). The messenger gained huge popularity and  exposure after Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 Billion US Dollars, and in my opinion, whatever WhatsApp is today is only because of its acquisition by Facebook.

Now lets move to WhatsApp tips and tricks. Whether you want to impress your WhatsApp friends or want to unlock cool features, these WhatsApp tricks for Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and other OSes would definitely help you. I have shared various WhatsApp tricks like recovering lost WhatsApp conversations, password protecting WhatsApp on your mobile, preventing WhatsApp from automatically downloading pictures, etc…

Top WhatsApp Tricks And Tips:

1. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Conversations

Did you accidentally delete your conversations or have you lost all your messages due to unexpected shutdown? I’ve a good news for you, you can easily recover all your lost conversations without using any 3rd party recovery software. Whatsapp automatically saves your conversations on a SD card connected to your mobile (you can stop it from doing so by changing the settings). If you ever lose your conversations, just go to your SD card and then open “WhatsApp” folder and then click on “Database” folder. Follow this: Your SD Card > WhatsApp > Database In the “Database” folder, look for the files “msgtore.db.crypt” and “msgstore-yyyy-mm-dd.1.db.crypt“. “msgtore.db.crypt” contains log of all the messages sent and received on that day and files in the format “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt” (if a file is named msgstore-2014-06-07.1.db.crypt, it’ll contain all messages sent and received from 1st July to 7th July) contains record of all messages sent and received in the last seven days. Open these .crypt DB files in any text editor and you will see all messages. To restore these conversations, just uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp. While re-installing, it will ask if you want to restore message history, click on Restore. If you want to transfer your conversations from one mobile to another, simply put the SD card on that mobile and re-install WhatsApp to restore messages.

2. Deleting A WhatsApp Account Permanently

Sometimes users want to delete their account completely and they uninstall WhatsApp from their mobile thinking that it would also delete their account, but it’s not correct. Deleting or Uninstalling WhatsApp from your mobile won’t automatically delete your account from WhatsApp. To delete your WhatsApp account permanently, go to: Settings > Account > Delete Your Account You’ll be asked to enter your phone number. Just enter your phone number and your account will be permanently deleted from WhatsApp.

3. Extend One Year Free Trial Period

WhatsApp is only free for the first year and then you have to pay $0.99 per year to continue using WhatsApp from your mobile. But with this WhatsApp trick, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp for one more year for free. To extend WhatsApp subscription for one more year for free, follow these steps:

  1. Delete your WhatsApp account permanently using Step #2 just 1 week before the end of 1 year Trial.
  2. Uninstall WhatsApp from your mobile.
  3. Reinstall WhatsApp and create a new account.
  4. Your subscription is now extended to one more year for free.

I suggest you to pay WhatsApp instead of using this trick to cheat their system, $0.99 is the least amount you can give to support the WhatsApp developers.

4. Share Files With PDF, ZIP and APK Extension

WhatsApp only lets their users to share audio, video and image files with their friends, but with this WhatsApp trick you’ll also be able to send PDF, ZIP and APK files with your friends. To share these files with your friends, first upload your files to a file sharing website like Dropbox and send your your friends a link to it. You can also install an app for your mobile, named Cloud Send (Only for Android). With Cloud Send, you can easily upload your files from your Android mobile to your Dropbox storage account (You must authorize Cloud Send to use your Dropbox account). After uploading files to Dropbox, Cloud Send generates a direct link to the uploaded file, you can share this link with your friends.

5. Password Protect WhatsApp On Your Mobile

This WhatsApp trick is useful to those who live in a big family. Sometimes the kids or other family members use other’s phone without their permission, and they can easily see all their “private” WhatsApp conversations. Yeah, you can hide you mobile phone but these kids, they would never leave it alone. So, there is only one option available for you, and that is, password protecting WhatsApp on your mobile to remain on the safe side and to protect your privacy. Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t have an inbuilt feature to lock it on your mobile and you must use 3rd party apps to lock WhatsApp.

To lock WhatsApp on Android: 

WhatsApp Lock –

To lock WhatsApp on BlackBerry:

6. Stop WhatsApp From Automatically Downloading Videos & Images

WhatsApp, by default, automatically downloads the images and videos sent by your friends to you. This can quickly kill your internet data if you have low bandwidth. To stop WhatsApp From Automatically Downloading Videos & Images and other media files, go to: Settings > Chat settings > Media auto-download Now, click on “When using mobile data“, “When connected on WiFi” and “When roaming” one by one and uncheck all the selected options inside them. Now, media files will only be downloaded when you’ll click on them.

7. Find Your WhatsApp Usage Statistics

Do you want to know how much time you spent on WhatsApp? Or, how many messages you sent using WhatsApp? You can view these and other statistics easily either using WhatsApp inbuilt feature or by using a 3rd Party App called WhatStat.

Get Statistics Using WhatsApp:

Go to “Settings > Account > Network Usage“. Here you can find information regarding sent and received messages and total internet data spent on WhatsApp.

Get Statistics Using WhatStat App:

WhatStat app shows the WhatsApp statistics using colourful graphs. With this app you can get information like total time spent online on WhatsApp, total messages sent and received, etc…

Download WhatStat:

Android –

iPhone –

8. Change Your WhatsApp Phone Number

You may have bought a new sim card and want to replace the old number linked to your WhatsApp account with the new number. To do this, simply go to “Settings > Account > Change Number“. You’ll be asked to enter both new number and the old number, type both of them and submit. Your WhatsApp account is now associated with your new Sim Card.

9. Replace Sent Image With Another Image When Clicked

If you want to amaze or impress your friends, this is the first WhatsApp trick that you should use. With this trick, you can send two images in one to your friend. Your friend will see different image during the preview and different when he/she clicks on the image. For example, you can hide an image of a Auto Rickshaw inside the image of a BMW or Ferrari and send this to your friend. When your friend would see this, he would think that it’s an image of a Ferrari but when he would click on it he’d see an Auto Rickshaw. This can only be done using 3rd party apps.

For iPhone:

Magiapp Tricks –

For Android:

Fhumb App –

This trick is only available for Android and iPhone users.

10. Create A Fake WhatsApp Conversation

This is another WhatsApp trick to impress and amaze your friends. You’ll have to use an app called WhatSaid. With this app you can fool your friends by creating fake conversations between you and big celebrities.

Download WhatSaid here: 

That’s all for now. I will continuously add WhatsApp tips and tricks as I found them. I would also recommend you to stay away from softwares and websites that guarantees that they can hack into anyone’s WhatsApp account; all of them are scams. Hacking WhatsApp is an illegal thing. So, please stop using for WhatsApp hacking tricks.

I hope you liked these Android WhatsApp tricks, WhatsApp tricks iPhone, and Windows phone.

If you’ve any questions regarding the WhatsApp tricks I shared or you know about any tricks not include here, feel free to use the comment box below.